Tier 1 has basic designs, up to 3 designs; Tier 2 has hand-cut, a lot of details and colors, gold painting, 5+ different cookie designs; Tier 3 is extremely detailed and hand-cut, detailed hand-painting.

Prices per dozen, 2 dz minimum, 3 dz mini:
Decorated cookies: $42/$45/$48+
"Favorite Things" 12 designs per dz: $60+
Mini (1.5"-2") decorated cookies: $24/dz
Allergy friendly decorated cookies:
Add $3/dozen per allergen. All gluten allergy friendly decorated cookies are also dairy allergy friendly without additional charge.
Chocolate chip cookie cakes:
12" cookie cakes: $40+
12" w/ decorated cookie toppers: $50+
8" cookie cakes: $25+
8" w/ decorated cookie toppers: $35+
4" cookie cakes: $6 (6 minimum)
Letter/number cookie cream tarts:
12" cookie cream tarts: $55/$60
Allergy friendly decorated cookies:
I have accommodated gluten, dairy, peanut, soy, sesame, walnut, egg, corn (and derivatives. I have a "corn-free, wheat-free" dedicated mixer but not oven,) and dyes so far. I am always peanut free except for sprinkles that are likely processed in a facility that uses peanuts. My children have a range of allergies, (corn, soy, sesame, peanuts, walnuts, dairy, wheat, dyes,) so I understand cross contact and derivatives.

Other treat pricing available upon request.

*I do not sell cakes or cupcakes, except for cookie cakes. I specialize in decorated cookies but also offer seasonal treats such as drop cookies (like snickerdoodles, chocolate chip, etc, with allergy friendly options available,) chocolate covered strawberries, vanilla extract, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie fruit leather, cinnamon rolls, brownies, and more! I also offer classes and can customize a class for you.