How much are your cookies? *I start at $48/dz. I can give you a quote once I have your request via messenger or email.

Can I buy just 2 cookies? *Sorry, but I have a 1 dz minimum for regular size cookies. Minis have a 2 dz minimum.

How long in advance do I need to order? *I am currently booking about 4 weeks in advance, but sometimes have availability for 2 weeks. On occasion, I take rush orders with less than 2 weeks notice for a $10-$20 fee.

Where do I pick up my order? *4217 Claremont Drive in Grand Prairie
I operate out of my home in compliance with the Texas Cottage Food Law. All orders are scheduled in 1-hour slots for contactless porch pickup Mon-Sat 10AM to 6PM. 

Do you deliver? *Yes, I can deliver for a fee. I start at $20 and add on for further mileage. I would be happy to add that to your quote upon request.

Do you offer gluten free treats? *I do offer gluten friendly treats! Please know that I am not a gluten free facility. While I am careful and knowledgeable of cross contamination, I am a home bakery and use flour daily.

Can you accommodate other allergens? *My daughter is allergic to a giant list and is able to eat only homemade food with special ingredients, no cross contamination, and precious little from a grocery store. In my home, I deal with gluten, dairy, egg, corn, soy, sesame, peanut, walnut, dye, and more allergies. I am very familiar with a host of allergens and will do my best to work with you.

Do you sell cakes and cupcakes? *No, I do not make traditional cakes, but I do make cupcakes!